A conviction for using a false social security number to get a job has criminal and immigration consequences even if there is no intent to commit fraud by the immigrant alien. Although, immigrants aren’t using the false social security numbers to commit fraud, it is still considered a serious crime by state and federal prosecutors. Immigration courts also consider a conviction for possessing or using a fake social security card a crime of moral turpitude (CIMT), which makes the alien inadmissible and barred from getting a green card.

An undocumented worker got arrested for using a false social security number after she filed a complaint that her employer paid her less then minimum wages and refused to give her overtime. Undocumented workers live in the shadows and struggle to earn a living without bring attention to themselves. It can be difficult dealing with employers that take advantage of the undocumented worker. If this happens to you contact an experience immigration lawyer. There may by some options available to the alien. An experienced immigration attorney can review the issues and help you find a solution.
John R. Rodriguez, Esq.
Criminal & Immigration Lawyer

Click to see the full story: http://thinkprogress.org/immigration/2015/10/17/3713196/undocumented-immigrant-wage-theft-felonies/