John R. Rodriguez, the principle manager of The Rodriguez Law Firm, opened it doors in Northern California as a criminal defense firm in 1997. The office relocated to Southern California in 2011 and expanded its legal services to include immigration services, deportation hearings, and criminal defense. John’s combined experience as a defense lawyer, police officer, and criminal investigator for the last 25 years has culminated into a successful legal career with a proven track record and a long list of courtroom victories.

John R. Rodriguez understands that his clients rely on his knowledge, experience, and trial skills. He appreciates their trust in him and has dedicated his entire career to fighting and protecting his client’s constitutional rights. John’s aggressive advocacy and a commons sense approach to presenting his client’s side of the case sets him apart from others and has established the standards for the attorneys he has selected to represent the firm’s clients. John believes that all our clients deserve an aggressive and high quality representation. That is why we start by taking the time to listen to our client’s concerns and carefully review the strength and weaknesses of all the evidence. Our attorney’s will always be prepared and develop legal strategies designed to challenge the credibility and accuracy of the government’s evidence.

Mr. Rodriguez understands that communication with his clients is important so we will always keep our clients informed about their case. You can be assured that he or one of out attorneys will guide you through the entire court process so that you are never left in the dark.

We have helped hundreds of clients in both criminal and immigration courts throughout California. We can accept just about every type of felony and misdemeanor case that is charged against a defendant. Our office also represents clients faced with deportation in immigration court throughout California. We have helps many clients asking for Asylum, U-Visas, Waivers, DACA, and Family petitions.

John R. Rodriguez has been accepted to practice and represent clients by the
California Eastern District Court, California Central District Court, California Northern District Court, and California Southern District Court

Associations and Memberships:

San Diego Bar Association,
National Trial Lawyers Association
National Criminal Lawyers Association,
National College of DUI Defense
The California Public Defenders Association
American Immigration Lawyers Association
Immigrant Legal Resource Center
Immigration Advocates Network